Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our resident diamond python made an appearance today. Usually he lives in our roof space and keeps it free from possums and rats. He has just shed his skin and is finding one of my hanging pots very cosy. He came out this morning to enjoy some winter sunshine. We estimate him to be nearly two metres long.

I made a card using a stamp from Stamp World, an Australian company. The text was printed on my computer.

Tomorrow we're heading down the south coast for a few days at Bateman's Bay.


  1. Love the coffee card! Don't think I would be living in a house with a 2m snake in the roof. Obviously doesn't bother you though! Made me feel a bit sick just looking at the picture :)

  2. That is way too cool. I love snakes....YES...I'm a girl that loves snakes. I'm glad to sense that you are not afriad of it...thanks, for sharing.


  3. Holy cow, that snake is huge! I don't think I've seen one that big outside a zoo before. Cute coffee card! :)

  4. Wow!! That's some houseguest you have there. I don't really have a fear of snakes but not sure I'd cope knowing one was living in my house, even if it was the roofspace.

  5. WOW !

    Eine Schlange als Mieter.....

    Nein, das wäre nichts für mich !

    liebe Grüße